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Caeau Uchaf

00 Gauge

Dimensions 18 ft 6 inches x 8 ft


A Fictitious Location:

Caeau Uchaf is a fictitious town sited on the South Wales coast some thirty miles west of Swansea. Although it is Western Region a number of Midland Region trains, both passenger and freight, could be seen coming via a direct line from Shrewsbury.  A new Oil terminal is being built close by in a deep water harbour, but at this time only a small branch line links this to the station. Other branch lines from the valleys and coast around also terminate at Caeau Uchaf and thus a wide variety of passenger, coal, mineral, livestock and general goods trains can be seen. The time period modelled is roughly 1958 too 1968 and thus some green diesel locomotives can be seen hauling trains as well as the steam locomotives of the time. The layout is 18 foot 6 inches by 8 foot and is of a ‘U’ shape design.

Track Work;

All track & point work is PECO code 100, This is laid on cork sheet that has been glued down, Fine ballast is then spread over this and brushed in so that it is off the sleeper surfaces and clear of the point mechanism. The area is then sprayed with water to make it damp then a mix of water and PVA with a drop of washing up liquid is sprayed onto to this, once dry any small excess bits of ballast in points and on sleepers are removed, the whole area is then sprayed using thinned down track colour in various tones. Finally the track and points are given a good clean from all electrical contact points.


The layout is powered by two panel mounted ECM feedback controllers, the layout is wired to provide cab control using relays to direct power operated by the points. Seep motors are used for operating the points and electric uncouplers to ensure as little handling as possible takes place.


The buildings are from many different manufactures. The station is a converted Kibri station kit (Also used on Kingsfield) the signal box is also Kibri. The Engine sheds are form Airfix kits that have been extended, there are also Wills kits making up various buildings. The turntable is from Train Tronics, unfortunately they do not make them anymore but they are excellent very slow and precise runners allowing for any exit track position to be made.


The scenery on the layout is made using Polystyrene to give the relief. Blocks of it are glued down using a mix of Polyfilla with water mixed with a small amount of PVA glue. Once dry the Polystyrene is cut to make the land form using hacksaw blades and bread knives. This is then covered with sheets of lint dishcloth dipped in a similar Polyfilla & PVA/Water mixture (with added brown water colour paint) and laid over the surface, additional mix is brushed on if required. Once this has dried thoroughly, scenic scatter is now added, glued on with PVA, adding hedgerows and trees as required. Once completed a good vacuum of the scenery collects any left over unstuck scatter, which can be used again as a mix, it also reveals any bits where the scatter has not stuck. This is easily remedied by using Bostik spray frame mount, spray the area required and sprinkle on scatter, it dries almost immediately.

Rolling Stock:

The stock used on the layout was all from the midland or western regions and consisted of nearly all proprietary items from companies like Bachman, Hornby, Dapol. We also have stock from companies since gone, Airfix, Mainline, Lima and alike. We do add additional detail to stock and all wagons have loads or are weathered, some wagons being kit built or scratch built. 


As mentioned at the top of the page, this layout has now been retired and resides for use in a members garage and has since had a few alterations. If you would like to see some pictures of how Caeau Uchaf, used to look please have a look at the photos below.

Caeau Uchaf5
Caeau Uchaf2
Caeau Uchaf6
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