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Welcome To Eddie's Workbench

Eddie Michel


I have been interested in railways ever since I can remember, growing up on

a railway crossing as my mother was the crossing keeper and my father a

shunter at the local station. I think you could say it is in my blood, and just

to keep the tradition going I have worked on the Railway now since 1982.

I have been modelling and building railways since I was a lad and have 

to say enjoyed every minute of it.

I had always modeled in 4mm scale, but in 2010 I decided to

change to '0' gauge and now all my personal modelling is in this scale. 

On the following pages I hope to show some of the items that are currently

on my work bench in various states of completion leading up to the

completed model. Feel free to send me an email if you wish to ask any

questions as we are more than happy to help where possible.

Currently on the Work Bench


GWR - Hall

GWR 43xx Mogul

GWR 14xx Auto Tank 

To See more items that i have produced please vist my gallery by clickking on the link

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