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 GWR 14/48 xx 

Scorpio Kit

I started building this locomotive about 2 years ago from a Scorpio kit that I picked up for the bargain price of £50 including wheels motor and gear box. The kit has an etched nickle silver chassis, with etched brass for most of the body work along with some white metal parts. All the fittings are a mixture of white metal and loss wax brass. 

The kit itself is not to bad a  build but does need a certain amount checking against suitable reference material, also as it states in the plans some of the parts are not quiet the correct size? The boiler smoke box rapper is to short when rolled, also some tabs need to be cut off as they do not line up with the slots.

All in all it does make a nice loco, although I still need to finish it adding the fittings, cab detail.

The chassis of the loco has a degree of compensation, the rear driving wheels and the rear pony wheel are mounted in there own section of the chassis which is then pivoted about its center in the main chassis.

This kit is for those who have had some experience of kit building before, but a novice with soldering skills could easily get to grips with it.

When finished the loco will be finished in Great Western late livery, unlined with a Bristol Bath rd number.

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