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 GWR Hall 

JLTRT Kit - to be named - Kingsway Hall 5933

I started building this locomotive about 2 years ago from a Just Like the Real Thing Kit that I was given as a birthday present some years ago. The kit has an etched nickle silver chassis, with etched brass for most of the body work and a cast resin boiler. All the fittings are mainly loss wax brass with a few white metal fittings. 

The kit itself is not to bad a  build but does need a certain amount of checking against suitable reference material. It comes with a CD with pictures of the build from start to finish, however trying to identify some of the lost wax brass fittings did take a while.   

All in all it does make a nice loco.

The chassis of the loco has the addition of sprung axle housing, the leading bogie has its own compensation. The tender is a Mitchell design and built up to a nice tender, but watch if fitting compensation as suggested as it gets in the way of other fittings.

This kit is for those who have had some experience of kit building before.

When finished the loco will be finished in Great Western late livery, and named Kingsway Hall - 5933 - Bath Rd Engine. It seemed quite appropriate as I lived most of my life in the Kingsway, Bristol.

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